Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gordon Lish Praises Care Giver!

The novel I've just recently reviewed and praised now has the maestro, Gordon Lish himself, in its corner!

"I'm sold. I'm so sold I read this book four times before--trembling, trembling--sitting myself down to write this comment. You want to know what the business of the mind is going to be as the body declines into its notorious bankruptcy? Like this, like Care Giver, like the stuff in the braided sentences that constitute the telling of Blanchard's true story. Oh, and the person in the pic on page six?--that's the object of desire for you, perfect and, of course, lost, yet never the least lost."

We're not kidding, folks. This is some kind of wonderful. Please...go pre-order before release on 20 May!

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