Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jay Lake Pre-Mortem Readathon, Review the Fourth

My ghoulish valentine to Jay before he goes has a new installment:


Last week was ESCAPEMENT

Before that MAINSPRING

And first, fittingly, his first novel ROCKET SCIENCE

The Jay Wake itself is Saturday, 27 July

Every time I've asked you to run a Tidbit about this, you've been good enough to do it, and it's resulted in around a hundred extra eyes on Jay's work. Would you consider doing this one, since the Wake's next week, as a blog entry with all the links? If not, I understand, and I have no kick. I want people to pay attention, though! It's not like I'm any great force in the world, but I know sometimes people don't see what's not shoved in front of 'em, so here's me doing what shoving I can.

Can you even fathom what depths of depraved humor it takes to plan your own wake-cum-roast, and then invite the entire world to it? Jay's cancer has given him the two-minute warning to end all warnings. Many would sit in a corner and cry. Most would stare blankly at walls. He keeps fighting, knowing the end is in sight and working to stave it off, and he plans a gift for the thousands and thousands whose lives he's enriched: A party. A chance to say goodbye before the ears you want to hear the words go deaf.

I want to have that spirit to face my LIFE, still less my death! So I say my thanks as publicly as I can. My reviews have to do, since I can't travel to Portland and shove my stranger's face into his.

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