Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Returning to some semblance of normal at last!

Happy news!

I'll be back on my deeply belovèd boardwalk soon.

My stint in rehab, recovering from several right-hemisphere strokes I had in mid-January, is winding down. My quite unusually complete recovery is coming to an end on Thursday, and I'll be returning to my home in Long Beach. Rehab has been a lot of work. I'll be very glad to be back home. but will miss Seth, Noel, Manitha, Maureen, Trudi, and Paul, whose hands-on help getting me ready as I can be to resume my life was invaluable (as well as fun...how often do you get to chuck a ball at someone who can keep you guessing where it neeeds to go back to, like Anthony so patiently did?). Elegantly dressed young Manfred transported me hither, thither, and yon in his stylish suits that reminded me always of how much more fun life is when you're dressed to thrill. I'm going to hear the encouragement I've received loud and clear as I keep going on the quest to get my left side to remember its job. I'll also carry "SLOW DOWN!! or you're gonna end up where you don't want to be!" and "nose over toes before you go" and "look where your feet are" loud and clear as well. Thank all y'all for everything you taught me. My medical care team here was exemplary in their attentive and respectful attitude, giving me the rare experience of feeling heard on many levels.

The wonderful CNAs and skilled nurses I've had helping me with the mechanics of living as my recovery progressed are some of the happiest memories I'll take home with me. It's impossible to overstate the value of a friendly smile and a ready helping hand when you just don't know yet if you're ever going to recover from your trauma. To a person these men and women have left me glad I got to know them.

I guess it's luck when you recover from trauma with the speed and completeness I have. I'm deeply grateful to have beaten terrible odds.

Now to wrangle Verizon into recognizing my new phone! *irritated scowl at Technology*

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