Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Amazing Political Events and the Internet Age

This has been an amazing evening. Wendy Davis, Democratic Texas State Senator, filibusters a restrictive abortion bill, is shut down by Robert's Rules of Order being bent (IMO), and the gallery of the Texas State Senate erupts in hoots, catcalls, and shouting so loud that the roll call of the vote on this bill can't take place.

Kirk Watson, Democratic Texas State Senator and former Mayor of Austin, brings up points of order and is shut down without his points being addressed.

Lydia van de Putte, TEA PARTY Texas State Senator, then gets up and makes the same (valid) points of order. SHE gets shut down. And cue the Texas Spring: "When does a female Senator have to raise her hand in order to be recognized before the chair's male colleagues?" Hoots, catcalls, and no way does this go unremarked. YouTubers watch (over 110,000 of 'em), the Lege's own cams are out of bandwidth (90,000-plus) and the Texas Tribune's cams are taxed by bandwidth issues too (over 105,000 viewers).

At 1a CDT, the Looey (an idiot named David Dewhurst) summons the Senators for a caucus to determine if they're still in session, and if the abortion restriction bill passed for real (they reported to AP and other corporate media that it did). Trouble is the Lege has a computer vote-tallying system...and the vote took place AFTER MIDNIGHT local time, the Constitutional end-point of the session.

This will be SO interesting.

And then! Then! Today at 10a EDT, the Supremes (who, let us not forget, just finished eviscerating the Voting Rights Act of 1964) will announce their decision on DOMA and Prop 8 cases relating to marriage equality.

Anyone who isn't thrilled to be alive in the Internet era isn't paying attention. I am so glad I fell asleep for 3 hours this afternoon!

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