Monday, June 3, 2013

My Wicked, Wicked Ways

I blog, as y'all know, in a group blog called Shelf Inflicted. It was started in a furious reaction to Amazon anaconda-ing up Goodreads. (The fallout from that is still to come. I still don't think it will be at all good for honesty and transparency in reviews. Another discussion for another day, that.) In the run-up to the sale, Forbes magazine ran a piece on Goodreads, touting its market position as largest and most trusted independent market for reviews. The article featured the 25 most influential, measured by "like" votes received, reviewers. I, he noted modestly, was #14 on their list.

Shelf Inflicted's founding spirits, in fact, are mostly from the Forbes 25, and Dan Schwent (Leader of the Shelf Inflicted Pack and #8 of the Forbes 25) decided to interview the whole lot of us for a day-by-day peep into the habits and ideas of the Cool Kids. All this month, the interviews...with a few missing persons...will appear at Today's interview is #23, Baba, who's a Swiss reader of English-language romantic fiction. You can imagine that ereaders play a large role in this.... #24 is Greg, a New York-based bookseller and reviewer, with the Industry Insider viewpoint on the Amazon merger. #25 MJ Nicholls, a Scottish youth, was first up.

All have a very interesting take on reviews, Goodreads, and reading. Go take a look!

My own review of a first-in-series mystery, LAKE ON THE MOUNTAIN (, appeared recently. It's a Canadian gay noir thriller published by Dundurn Press, the best unsung-by-Americans publisher around. Many very interesting titles in their catalog! This one will have a sequel later this year or early next.

And now you're caught up.

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