Sunday, June 1, 2014

I read the news today, oh boy.

Jay Lake has died.


Last year, I posted a series of reviews at Shelf Inflicted before Jay's self-hosted funeral, the JayWake, on 27 July. My pre-mortem read-a-thon was a way to honor the memory of the man whose work made me smile and think and sigh with pleasure so often. I made sure he knew I was doing it. He seemed to like the idea, he posted links to the reviews, and was apparently pleased to be feted by an unknown nobody blogger. What writer doesn't want to hear nice things about himself?

Safe journey home, wherever that is, Jay Lake. Thank you most kindly for all you did, for the things you never knew you did, for the worlds you made that (in a properly ordered universe, which this one clearly is not) we cloud visit in the flesh. Failing that, that you would still be able to flesh out for your fans and readers.

Clockwork Universe

Green Universe

The City Imperishable
Trial of Flowers
Madness of Flowers

First Novel-y Goodness
Rocket Science

I will remember you.

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