Wednesday, November 29, 2023

DAVID ATHERTON'S BAKING BOOK for Kids: Delicious Recipes for Budding Bakers, for the kid who loves the kitchen

DAVID ATHERTON'S BAKING BOOK for Kids: Delicious Recipes for Budding Bakers
(illus. Harry Woodgate)
Candlewick Press
$17.99 hardcover, available now

Rating: 5* of five

The Publisher Says: Winner of The Great British Baking Show David Atherton delivers his eagerly anticipated next baking book, jam-packed with kid-friendly recipes for budding young bakers.

Preheat the oven and get cracking—there are bakes to make! This third serving from Great British Baking Show winner David Atherton guides readers through a veritable feast of sweet and savory baked treats. From snacky samosas to hot cross hedgehogs, from loaves baked in flowerpots to an ombre cake (your friends will think it came from a fancy bakery), these recipes are so delicious and easy to follow, they’ll have the reader named star baker in no time!

Featuring oven-hot tips, a review of a baker’s cupboard, an equipment list, step-by-step instructions, and delightful illustrations by award-winning illustrator Harry Woodgate, this collection of mouthwatering recipes from David Atherton will bring little bakers and their loved ones together in the kitchen again and again.


My Review
: I'll assume you know what GBBO is, and who 2019's brilliant winner of same is. Having written for The Guardian on healthy cuisine and eating, he's been dedicating time and energy to starting the young people of the world out on a healthful and sustainable, as well as fun, lifetime of food habits. This is his third book for young bakers and, well, as badly as it's needed it's also presented with the clarity of a professional explainer. Candlewick Press has done its part by making sure the design and the illustrations are clear, readable, easy to scan and comprehend for the target audience, and completely adorable:

Nothing outrageous, nothing too complicated, but always challenging enough to keep the usual eight- or nine-year-old from feeling babied. Even younger bakers still won't find it impossible to succeed at these tasks. I expect a lot of us have grandkids or nephews who will groove on the chance to do a whole kitchen project by themselves! (with all the usual layers of supervision you, or their parents, know is appropriate, of course)

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