Friday, November 24, 2023

The annual #Booksgiving reviewing season starts today

#Booksgiving is my own interpretation of Iceland's Jolabokaflod. As holiday celebrations go, few rival Yule (Christmas, Noël, Wiehnacht...Solstice celebrations all) in economic reach and effect. The reason today, the Friday after US "Thanksgiving", is called "Black Friday" is not just an acknowledgment that retail workers are in a justifiably horrible mood today but because their corporate masters are "in the black" with the sales rung up today. Later additions, like "Cyber Monday" and the like, are also based around the consumers of the country getting their shop on.

This year, I'm going to be posting the usual couple of weeks of book reviews...the things I've read this year that I particularly liked. I'll be using the hashtag #Booksgiving. At first I'll focus on things I think you'd give as Yule gifts, then switch to things you can feel good about gifting to yourselves. The idea's to make your own lists and your own versions of the "Yule Book Flood" come together in your minds. This being the fourth time I'm doing this you can get my recommended gift purchases for yourselves and others by clicking on any of the tags at the bottom of the post.

Adopt/adapt this lovely gemütlicht custom for your own!

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