Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2019, the year I SWORE I'd avoid challenges, delivered one I like too much to ignore

Via Bookish, here's a list of challenges to #KillYourTBR (note that I've modified a few entries to make them possible for me to meet):

  1. A book you bought for the cover
  2. A book by an author you’ve met
  3. A book you’re embarrassed you haven’t read yet
  4. A book that is under 220 pages
  5. A book that came out the year you were born
  6. A book whose title uses alliteration
  7. A book in your best friend’s favorite genre
  8. A book from an independent publisher
  9. A book you borrowed from the library
  10. A book featuring a fictional language
  11. A novel that includes a recipe (Bonus points for making the recipe)
  12. A book won in a raffle/giveaway
  13. A book about going on a quest
  14. A book set in a city you’ve visited
  15. A book with a dust jacket
  16. A book by two or more authors
  17. A book that is over 1000 pages
  18. A book that’s been out for less than a month
  19. A book with a name in the title
  20. A book from a genre you want to read more of
  21. A book written by a Native American author
  22. A book with an asexual character
  23. A book you were given as a gift
  24. A book translated from Spanish
  25. An award-winning graphic novel
  26. A book featuring a false confession
  27. A book you meant to read in 2018
  28. A book featuring a memorable companion animal
  29. A book set in South America
  30. A book with a cover you kind of hate (but a story you love)
  31. A book by an author you’ve never heard of before
  32. A book of short stories
  33. A book featuring a nonbinary protagonist
  34. A book you’ve been waiting for forever
  35. A book about intersectional feminism
  36. A book with a place in the title
  37. Completed; Our Man in Havana on the Thrillers tab
  38. A book bought at/from a physical bookstore
  39. A book by an author you’re thankful for
  40. A book with gorgeous descriptions
  41. A book signed by the author
  42. A book set in Africa
  43. A book about mental health
  44. A book written by an immigrant
  45. A retelling
  46. A book about incarceration
  47. A book recommended by an author
  48. A book with a person of color on the cover
  49. A book by an author who uses a pen name
  50. A book whose title includes a verb
  51. A book recommended by a librarian
  52. A book being adapted in 2019
  53. A book you found in a Little Free Library

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