Saturday, May 21, 2016

My Review of AMERICAN METEOR by Norman Lock is at The Small Press Book Review

Rating: 4* of five

Latest comment from today on my review from Bellevue Literary Press!
My *beautiful* review! Well, did you ever? I am 2/3 done with book 3, THE PORT-WINE STAIN, so a review early to mid-June.

Bellevue Literary Press
.@expendablemudge (ie, me) is reading Norman Lock's American Novels series. Here's his beautiful review of AMERICAN METEOR

My review of Norman Lock's AMERICAN METEOR is live now at The Small Press Book Review! I really enjoyed the read, moreso than the first book in Lock's American Novels, THE BOY IN HIS WINTER. Have to love Bellevue Literary Press for publishing the series, which is planned for five in total. Don't wait...scoot! Get over there and see how much you'll like the book!

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