Monday, February 6, 2017

Holy Carp it's FEBRUARY already!

Over on Medium, I've published an article about the perils of burnout...and a few escapes I gave myself to avoid this common curse of the driven. Creatomic founder and personal inspirational/aspirational creative entrepreneur Jon Westenberg posted a rallying cry for aspiring creatives, "How to Make Something People Give a F*ck About."

It's no surprise to anyone that I'm a curmudgeon. I struggle not to say exactly what I think to every person I meet because I don't think much of most people. So how does someone without more than a soup├žon of the Milk of Human Kindness involve others in what matters to him? Find a passion that makes a difference, yes well...#ReadingIsResistance is it for me.

I want this nightmare kakistocracy to be over. Now. Yesterday, preferably. I can't manifest that reality, sorry. I can't do a lot except talk about it. Given the Trumpets' response to dissent, it's probably not the smartest thing to do. For me, it could mean being targeted on social media by the various Strumpets who still support Twitler...and more sinisterly, it could affect my status as a recipient of Medicare and a constellation of other benefits I paid for with many years of payroll tax payments.

Look at the image above. That's not an irrational or deluded worry. But ya know what? If #ReadingIsResistance draws that much attention, and makes even a tiny ripple in the shallow puddle that is this administration's talent pool, I will feel that the risk is so very worth it as to make the downside endurable.

If a guy who was just walking home with his groceries can go stand in front of a stonking great tank, I can write what I mean to say and tell everyone I can find about it. I hope y'all care enough about the beautiful, amazing country our ancestors did their bumbling best to make for us to resist the kakistocracy. I know not everyone thinks they can. But remember something really important: #ReadingIsResistance. No one can tell you what to read. No one can tell you what to think once you've read it. No one can make you shut up about your thoughts and feelings.


And if you and I and all the people we can reach and all the people they can reach and on and on ad infinitum will read and resist, they...the kakistocrats...won't ever be able to. It's an investment in something so precious, so incredibly precious, that They really want you to give it up without a fight. They make distractions and They create perceptions of readers that are unflattering or attempts to marginalize us. That's plain old fear.

They fear us, our mental furniture is piled too high for them to casually push into our brains. We are the #Resistance. Don't let Them win this battle without a fight.


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